EXTENDED FAMILY “Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them”

If I were going to rank problems clients present to us in counseling,
I would have to rank “extended family” in the top five.

Is it possible to love and dislike at the same time?
Yes, especially with our dear Siblings, Aunts/Uncles, beloved Parents and even our sweet and loving Grandparents.

The following 5 MAINTENANCE TIPS might serve to assist:

1. Establish and discuss written BOUNDARIES as a couple. ( be realistic, be fair)
2. Guard your Couple’s “INNER CIRCLE” You – Your Spouse – God (not even the kiddos)
3. Regularly schedule time with extended family (this may require compromise)
4. Avoid CRITICISM of Extended family and resist DEFENSIVENESS (defensiveness
will only increase friction)
5. Strive to prioritize the MARRIAGE ABOVE ALL (A healthy marriage is a gift to the
entire family)

These are just a few tips to assist, if you require more attention on this matter, please don’t hesitate to give us a call (970) 490-1309, or visit our website.

Gary Emery