Life is full of decisions and it can feel overwhelming at times based on the sheer volume of choices available and decisions to be made… According to a Cornell University study we make around 226 different decisions per day just about food alone! And the number of choices available to us for both major and minor decisions has never been greater. Whether we’re deciding how to be entertained or distracted or what to wear or who to date or marry, the opportunity to feel buried by the weight of it all is certainly there.

With this in mind, many of us may benefit from some basic principles for making good decisions:

1. Am I making decisions out of shame or guilt, or from a position of strength?

2. Have I sought counsel/advice from others for major decisions?

3. Have I done my homework (have I also looked into this for myself)?

4. Am I taking decisions/choices/tasks one at a time or am I overwhelmed by tackling too many things at once?

5. Am I choosing what is easiest, or what is best for myself and others?

6. Am I considering good self-care?

Your checklist might look different from this, or you might benefit from creating a decision tree but in any case, once we step back and evaluate our approach to making decisions often times the burden or sense of being overwhelmed we feel will begin to lift as we step forward in greater confidence!

-Cameron Butler