Are you and your spouse looking for a fresh start?
Your own personalized marriage weekend may be the answer.

For many years now while working with couples in counseling I have heard: “Can you just come home with us? We need close accountability and frequent reminders.”

Born out of these situations: “Weekend With The Counselors” is our way of saying we can’t come home with you, but you can come to our cabins for a fresh start weekend designed specifically for you.

Is your marriage experiencing any of the following?

  • Continued Conflict With No Resolution
  • “Eggshell” Communication
  • Frustration With Intimacy
  • Trust/Unforgiveness
  • Feeling Alone Or Isolated
  • Struggling With or Fearful of ‘Empty Nest’
  • Infidelity
  • Hopelessness
  • A Desire To Make An Average Marriage A Better One?

A Weekend With The Counselors could be just the opportunity you have been looking for to assist you in the pursuit of marital enhancement.

If 50% of the couples getting married today end in divorce, how many of the remaining 50% are truly living out their marital dream? It is believed by many marriage researchers that only 20-25% of all marriages are functioning at a meaningful level.

Weekend With The Counselors is our answer to the growing need and continual challenge married couples face today.

What can you expect from this weekend?

  • Thorough Relationship Evaluation
  • A Christ-Centered Theme And Biblical Teaching
  • Opportunities To Share Honestly And Safely
  • Highly Relational And Relaxed Environment
  • Enhancement Of Marriage Skills
  • Personalized Approach Specifically For Your Marriage
  • Creation Of A New Vision For Your Marriage
  • A Lovely Quaint And Private Cabin Of Your Own
  • All Meals And Materials Provided

Your weekend with the counselors will start Friday evening and will conclude Sunday at noon.  An online relationship assessment will be given to you and your spouse to help Gary and Paula walk into the weekend with a snapshot of your marriage.  During your weekend you will have 10-12 hours of direct counseling, along with times to be one on one and alone in a peaceful mountain retreat.  You and your spouse will have a private cabin, and all meals and snacks will be included in the cost.  A Weekend With The Counselors will include all these things for $2500, which is payable by Cash, Check or Card.

Mission Statement:
To Enthusiastically educate and encourage husbands and wives to embrace and implement attitudes and behaviors necessary for a life-long, fulfilling and God honoring marriage. 

About The Counselors:

Gary was a long time staff member and area director of Young Life Northern Colorado, and a pastor of Marriage and Family Ministries at Iasis Christ Fellowship in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He is now a marriage and family counselor, special events speaker, and facilitator of numerous marriage workshops and enrichment weekends.

Paula is trained and experienced Biblical counselor.  She has assisted Gary on numerous marriage weekends and workshops.  She contributes her wisdom and many years of hands-on marriage experience to each participating couple.  As a “relationship” coach working with women, she provides encouragement, teaching, and straight forward counsel.

If you are interested in booking a weekend with the counselors, or talking to Gary about more details, please contact him at: (970) 490-8940
He is also available by email at : Gary@EmeryCounseling.Com