Do I hear wedding bells, wedding songs and fretful brides?  Well, if you and your fiancee are about to “tie the knot”  this article is right for you.

Have you considered some “pre-marriage education”. 

If not, allow me to share a few facts, figures and realities with you before you take that all important leap into the wonderful relationship of marriage.

A study of 3,334 couples conducted by Stanley, Markman, Amot and Johnson revealed that couples that attend a pre-marriage program were found to reduce divorce by 31%.  Additionally, Participants of pre-marriage programs had higher marital satisfaction, higher levels of commitment and lower marital conflict.

The following is a list of potential advantages derived from pre-marriage education:

1. It provides an opportunity for personal EVALUATION. Healthy individuals make

healthier marriage partners.

2. It provides a couple the opportunity to honestly EVALUATE the current relationship.

Sometimes couples will benefit by postponing the wedding.

3. It enables a couple to establish a REALISTIC VIEW of marriage.  It will enable you

to take off the ROSE COLORED GLASSES so often associated with pre-married


4. It will enable a couple to create an actual relationship BLUEPRINT.  Know what you

are building before you start building.

5. It will better prepare couples for the inevitable PITFALLS of early marriage. There is

NO substitute for marriage PREPARATION.

6. It will increase the chances of LONG-TERM success.  No body marries expecting to

fail in the first 7 years, but many do.

7. It will better prepare couples to HONOR the Institution of marriage.

8. it will assist couples in avoiding the DREADED PAIN of relationship failure.

I would whole-heartedly encourage any couple about to become husband and wife to consider

the following quiz.


I call it: The 7 musts of a healthy marriage.

1. Have you made peace with your past?   YES____,  NO_____,  Somewhat______.

2. Are you able to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings?

YES____,  NO_____,  Somewhat______.

3. Are you able and willing to compromise? YES___,  NO_____,  Somewhat______.

4. Are you capable of finishing what you start? YES____, NO____, Somewhat_____.

5. When you are hurt or offended are you capable of forgiveness?

YES____, NO____,Somewhat_____.

6. Are you trusting and trustworthy?  YES____. NO____, Somewhat____.

7. Are you willing to honor God as the architect of your relationship?


Well, how did you do on the quiz?  Hopefully I have stirred your interest in better preparing  yourselves for the challenging and rewarding journey of marriage.


Respectfully Yours, Gary A. Emery