It might seem a bit risky in our current culture for a male therapist to “call out” females (wives) on a particular behavior, but please give me just a few minutes to explain? 

Ladies, are you finding yourself frustrated by how unresponsive your husband is in your interactions? Or are you frequently disappointed with his harsh reactions when you approach him? 

Here is the latest research on this dynamic:  80% of the time it is the female that will bring up an issue.  If that is the case, then when and how you approach your hubby is absolutely crucial. Longitudinal studies show that women who will approach their male spouses with a “soft start-up” vs a “harsh start-up” are much more likely to encounter a much more “responsive” husband.

You might be saying “I’ve tried every approach known to mankind” , maybe so, but give it another try.  In fact give it another try over a period of time. 

Why, you may be asking, because you are most likely caught up in the dynamic of “gridlock” and you deserve to be responded to respectfully and appropriately. 

Just try it for a season and see if he eventually begins to respond differently;  If he doesn’t, give me a call, I have effective rapport with my fellow gender responders.  It’s worth a try, thanks for reading. 

Yours for a better relationship,  Gary A. Emery