1. The Power behind Having Choices

    So often we get stuck in our thinking. We think a certain way about a situation and feel as though there is no other way around something. Have you ever experienced this? In another blog I addressed the cycles of thought and how they can bring unnecessary stress in our lives, particularly if the language we use with ourselves is limiting. Building on that “thought”, I am reminded of the con…Read More

  2. Helpful and Healthy New Years Tips – Let’s Be Realistic

    Let's set a few ground rules for the new year shall we? Stop putting unrealistic expectations on yourself by means of "New Years Resolutions". Goals are healthy but trying to cram them all in the month of January, and putting too much pressure on yourself is not. Remember this is a New Year, you have all year and beyond to attain these goals; the possibilities..... endless! Here are a few simple …Read More

  3. The Pain of the Holidays and the Greatest Gifts You Can Give

    I recently spoke at a local church for one of their Christmas events.  I was asked to speak about the pain of the holidays.  I was surprised and delighted at the same time. As a psychotherapist, I am entrenched in the pain of the holidays (while as a parent I still get to witness the magic!).  I have to admit, I was proud of this Ministry Director for addressing such a tough topic when it would…Read More