1. Rebuild Your Relationship with Fort Collins Marriage Counselors

    Relationships are built on trust and honesty, and if you feel that you can't trust someone, the relationship with that person usually suffers. In a marriage, a breakdown of trust can have devastating consequences that lead to anger and resentment that people can hold onto for many years. At Emery Counseling, we want to help couples rebuild their relationship and as Fort Collins marriage counselors…Read More

  2. Take The Time to Speak With Counselors in Fort Collins

    Life presents people with many challenges and sometimes, we can struggle with overcoming those challenges. Personal tragedies can follow us for many years, and without the proper guidance, can lead us into anxiety and depression. At Emery Counseling in Fort Collins, our team of counselors is always ready to speak with an individual that wants to discuss the challenges in their life and how they're…Read More

  3. How You Can Get The Most Out Of Marriage Counseling

    Here at Emery Counseling, your premier Fort Collins marriage counselors, we're here and ready to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you and your spouse. We understand that it can be hard work to have a lasting, successful marriage without encountering some rough waters from time to time. We give you tools you need to get through these rough waters and into the calm waters. It's actua…Read More

  4. Fort Collins Marriage Counseling: What To Expect

    It can be a daunting task to decide on going to marriage counseling. Whether the two of you as a couple mutually decided that marriage counseling was a good idea or it was brought up by one spouse, going to the first session can be difficult as you don't know what to expect. Here at Emery Counseling, your Fort Collins marriage counselor, we want to give you some tips on what you can expect the fir…Read More

  5. The Statistics Are In! Can Marriage Counseling Help You?

    Does marriage counseling really work? We get this question a lot from first-time patients. Here at Emery Counseling, your local Fort Collins marriage counselors, we believe that marriage counseling can work depending on a number of factors including the depth of your marital problems, your willingness to change, and how well you respond to our techniques. To help better answer the often-posed …Read More

  6. Signs It’s Time To See Your Fort Collins Marriage Counselor

    Here at Emery Counseling, it's no wonder that we're some of Northern Colorado's most trusted counselors. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment where you and your partner can grow, communicate, and learn. As a Fort Collins marriage counselor, we've committed ourselves to accepting those who come through our doors and to addressing difficult situations while providing accounta…Read More