As many of you know, or can learn from reading my bio. on our website, I work with girls and women.  Because of the population I serve at Emery Counseling, there are certain topics with which I have become intimately aware.  Additionally, I am a woman myself.  I am friends with women.  I have a daughter.  I came from a woman.  I came from another woman’s body.  This sacred act of birthing brought me into this world.  

Additionally, I have been blessed with the opportunity to birth my own two children.  The first birthing, of my daughter Justice, was confusing.  It’s odd how confusing it was.  

I did all the things: I went to birthing classes; I read books (lots of books); I looked everywhere online, for all of the information, about birthing.  

And then, it began.  I went to the hospital to birth my first baby.  There were no major complications in birthing my first child.  Actually, the most prominent memory of birthing her that I have was when my mind hit a wall.  That’s what it felt like…my mind didn’t know where to go from where I was at that point.

The pain was so intense, and my mind didn’t know what to do with it.
How long will this last?”
“How do I plan for endurance a
t this juncture?”
“When will this be over?”
That’s when it – I hit a wall.

After that experience, I decided to prepare for birthing my second baby differently.  I decided to learn to trust myself and to trust my body.
Haven’t women been birthing babies since the beginning of time?
“Isn’t my body intuitivelyaware of how birthing a child goes?
Can’t I actually trust myself to know what I need to have this baby?


So, I decided to stay at home, and to trust myself, and to trust my body.  (Don’t worry; there was also a safety plan involved, for going to the hospital, if that became medically necessary.)  This experience was better for me.  

Please note: I’m not trying to state that all women should have home births.
I don’t believe that I know what’s best for all women.
That’s actually the thing of it, my passion actually.  

My favorite thing to do with girls and women is to help shepherd them into their own knowing.  To help them reconnect to the places, within themselves, where their wisdom lies.  I mean, I can share lots and lots of intellectual knowledge, teach skills and provide psychoeducation by the boatload…and I do!  But for me; to witness this magic happen, when a woman drops into this knowing, it’s like she’s found a map, a compass, and a companion, all within herself.  

I love it when that happens!  And, I’m grateful to be a witness.  

Bree Emery works with girl’s and women’s issues primarily females ages 12+.  Additionally, providing family counseling.
Issues of specialty include: identity issues, self-mutilation, behavioral issues, sexual assault, trauma, eating disorders, coping skills, anxiety, and depression. If you’d like more information or to book a session with Bree visit our website.