How often do we stay still because we’ve been taught to?

It’s as if our whole existence could be explained by lines painted on the road. We are taught to drive within the lines and stop when the light is red. But we rely on the common sense and ability of others to also abide by the rules to avoid chaos or catastrophe. There is nothing truly holding us within those lines but our own willpower. Which begs the question, what other lines do we stay in – what ideas do we adopt – that could be disregarded with one flash of courage or insanity. And how often do we draw the lines ourselves, painting boundaries and boxes in our lives simply because we’ve been told that we must?

I have a box drawn around my brain. Trapping my thoughts and words and passions in my mind and leaving them mere notions without actions because I have been taught that I must live within the lines. I curse the hand that methodically drags the ink across the map of my brain blocking paths and ideas from ever being explored. But the hand is my own, systematically graphing out the perfect person to fit into society’s frame on the wall of the hall of fame.

Behind the perfectly symmetrical smile and conventional ideas is a girl with a heart as foreign to those around her as a face created by Picasso. Her mind is lopsided and jagged but her oddities are her strength. Each day she spends within the lines of society, another attribute is shaved away. Soon she is no longer satisfied by her crooked smile and absurd ideas, but believes them to be a curse. And soon, line by line, her true self is hidden and her existence is a mere image in a frame.

No more. 

No more will I continue to allow society’s picture of me to form the walls of a box I don’t belong in. No more will I allow for other’s expectations to snuff out the light in me meant to shine in darkness. No more will I desperately rely on comparison to tell me how to act, dress, and live. My aspirations belong to me, not society. My natural gifts and dreams rhyme like a poem. Together the wild colors of my personality swirl together to create a masterpiece. Who am I to take a paintbrush and change the Mona Lisa? 

So, join me. Break out of the box you’ve drawn around yourself. Erase the line holding you back from your dreams. Let a moment of courage lead to a life of freedom in who you were created to be. 

Will you become another forgettable face in the world of similarities? Or will you dare to live outside the lines?


Be a light. Be a world changer. Be you.


-Shared with permission by one of Bree Emerys clients