During each season change in Colorado I find myself excited for new weather, new clothes, and new outdoor activities. The outdoors can both provide me with peace and solitude as well as my favorite playground with friends. One of the amazing things about Colorado is the amount of sunshine we get; especially this time of year. I have heard Colorado sees about 300 days of sunshine a year. Sunlight can elevate moods and even trigger the release of positive hormones in our brains. Sunshine encourages our body to produce vitamin D which can help our bodies absorb calcium. Yet this time of year I also find myself complaining about the heat, and feeling ready for the cool fall breeze. A challenge I have for myself and for you is to embrace the summer, seek the sunshine, and be thankful for this free remedy. Every day to find a way to sit, stand, run, bike, hike or just be in the sunshine; even if it is just for a few moments.When we actively seek out things that are good and helpful we are showing with actions that we care about and value ourselves.  We are all different so the benefits may differ but notices the changes or continued benefit from a little bit of sun and a little self-love.

Of course always wear sunscreen!

Whitney Miller, LPC, MA Emery Counseling Therapist  970-490-1309