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our cleints have a lot of great things to say about us 


  1. Just What We Needed

    “Meeting with Josh was just what my husband and I needed to try to get our relationship back on track.  We met with Josh for about 6 months and it was well worth it.  Both my husband and I were pretty hesitant about counseling but now believe that it can help. Josh was very calm, approachable, understanding, rational, and did not judge.  He also spoke truth about the issues facing our relationship.  He gently brought some of the realities to light and equipped us with real-life tools to deal with some problems. Never once did Josh single either one of us out but prompted us to work together for a common goal.  Sometimes it just takes a 3rd party to give some sound perspective and tools that can help.  I would recommend Josh to anyone who needs some help putting a relationship back on track.  He was great for us!”

    Sarah & Chris M.
  2. My Life was Completely Turned Around

    “I came in here with my marriage falling apart, strung out on pain medication and totally hopeless that anything could change. Through years of counseling, lots of patience and putting my counselor’s kids through college (kidding…), my life has completely turned around.  With Josh’s spiritual, emotional and relational guidance I was able to get my marriage back and regain so much of the life that I lost. Praise God!!

  3. Incredibly Skilled & Gifted Beyond Words

    “While living in Fort Collins I worked with Both Josh and Bree on several different issues over the course of 4 years. They are both incredibly skilled &  gifted beyond words. They exude compassionate and understanding, and yet are bold and direct in challenging you to face the lies, fears and pains that keep you from experiencing greater freedom in this life and deeper connections with the lord & other fulfilling relationships. Working with them has been an experience that has not only facilitated incredible changes and healing in my heart and mind… but forever impacted my soul, and truly changed my life.

    There is no issue too much for them. When I first walked into their office I was angry, cynical, scared, self medicating and overwhelmed with life and the baggage I had collected over the years. I stand here now, married to the man I used to be afraid to talk to… no longer having nightmares, panic attacks, or insomnia. Although I have accomplished a lot over the years- I am still using the tools learned in past sessions to help me set boundaries, face my fears, and continue to grow and challenge myself to heal through each new season of life.Between myself and my friends- with the help of Josh and Bree Emery- we have had the strength and support needed to confront: sexual trauma, alcoholism, addictions, codependency, severe depression, PTSD, grief & loss, eating disorders, anxiety, abuse, suicidal idealizations, cutting, family wounds, relationship issues, as well as begin pre-marital counseling and gain assistance in life coaching… to name a few…

    I would honestly look forward to sessions with them – even when i knew they may be hard. This was because I would leave feeling a sense of accomplishment as I gained insight into myself, hope in the struggle at hand, and choices, instead of just habits, to create a better future for my life…
    I can not speak highly enough of this team and would recommend Emery Counseling 1,000 x again…”

    Gina B.
  4. We are So Blessed

    “Eric and I are newly married.  Unfortunately, we both have also dealt with the pain of a failed marriage and divorce before we met. We set a great dating foundation and then waited to move in together just before our wedding date.  Shortly after we married, we were overwhelmed by dealing with triggers and haunted by our past.  As we both knew too well the trauma and devastation of divorce, we wanted to have a strong foundation for our marriage.  We both love each other greatly.  It was important to us to take care of the relationship God put into our hands.  Josh has been an amazing help to us and our relationship.  Josh is able to get to the point that we can apply the tools he gives us, he is great at reviewing and checking in with our needs and goals, and is able to relate to us through real life and spiritual faith.  We are so blessed to have Josh help us set a strong foundation and assist Eric and I as we learn and grow together.”  We are so blessed.

    Ann & Eric
  5. More Realistic View of Self

    “Michael and I wanted to approach our budding relationship in a healthy manner since we had both experienced failed marriages in the past.  I initially began seeing Gary by myself because I so desperately wanted to break old patterns.  He helped me see that I first needed to strengthen my relationship with myself.   I thoroughly enjoyed Gary’s structured approach.  He took me through a series of steps with specific homework assignments that systematically guided me through building my self-esteem.   I now have a more realistic view of self.  The most profound epiphany was when I came to accept God’s love for me on a personal level.  I have long known that God loves us and forgives our sins, and yet I still struggled with whether or not that really applied to me.  Gary helped me to see the Bible as the most elaborate love story ever written.  I see how God is seeking a relationship with me.  It is amazing to me that I now know it is not all about Michael, and yet by coming to that realization we can have a much healthier, deeper, and God centered relationship.  Michael and I are now seeing Gary together to help us continue to build a strong foundation.”

  6. Better Communication

    “Anna and I contacted Josh to help us communicate better.  We were at a place in our marriage, where neither one of us were willing to budge.  Josh provided us with a calm and loving atmosphere, which helped us address some of the tougher issues in our marriage which we hadn’t dealt with before.  Anna now is better about taking care of herself, which allows her to be a more intentional mother and wife, and I am better about being patient with my wife and trying to be a vessel of God’s love to her, rather than change her.  Our sessions with Josh were crucial in helping us communicate effectively in a God honoring way.”

    Clayton J.

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