It seems that so often today the idea of COMMITMENT in marriage has become somewhat of a negative term. I would like to propose commitment as something positive and rewarding. As I consider Genesis 2:24 where we read: “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become now flesh” This word “unite” is used in place of the word “cleave” which literally means to be glued or cemented together. Now, that sure sounds romantic, to be “stuck” to someone! Unfortunately, too many couples view it that way and many even feel that constraint. I have come to believe the original intent was not to make us feel trapped, but rather to give us a sense of permanency and security in marriage. How have we strayed so far from the original intent? I believe we have seen commitment as a one sided coin when in reality it has two sides: One side is the actual constraint side that all marriage should experience, but the other side of commitment is dedication. I believe this is where so many have failed or are failing because they have overlooked the need to “invest” in their marriage If you are feeling stuck in your relationship, consider what investments you might want to begin to implement. The following is a small list of ways to begin investing:

Discover and implement his/her love language.
Plan and carry-out some mutually enjoyable activities.
Develop the habit of daily compliments.
Focus on commonalities, not your differences.
Practice compromise.
Honor your promises.
Exercise mutual respect.
Explore spiritual terrain together.
Study him/her.

Don’t let the list overwhelm you, just pick a couple of items and get started.

So as we all proceed in marriage let’s consider our commitment to be a privilege, not an obligation.
Love well and long.

Gary Emery

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