We specialize in all your child and teen therapy needs

We help teens unpack their anger/hurt by assisting to identify the true source of their pain while we evaluate the effectiveness of their current coping skills.

We put a lot of emphasis on establishing a comfortable and trusting relationship so that the child/teen feels safe to share, but at the same time we do not hesitate to offer opinions and accountability when appropriate.

Our therapists are trained experts when it comes to working with children and teenagers. Therapists in our team have worked in multiple in-patient settings where the ability to build quick rapport and still maintain a sense of confidence is absolutely vital for success.

Although there are kids who seem resistant at first, once they have met their counselor and forged a relationship they let their guard down and begin to open up.  Our therapists specialize in breaking down the walls that teens are so good at putting up.

When appropriate, we will work with the parents as well to make sure things at home are as good as they can be to.  It can be very helpful to get insight from children about how home might work better or what would help him or her open up more with mom and dad.  Our ultimate goal is for each child we meet with to have a healthy sense of self and for them to have a reliable list of coping skills for when life deals them a disappointment.