We specialize in all your couples therapy needs

Our therapists take great care and pride in offering our couples the very best relationship counseling.  We recognize relationships are complicated, but we are determined to assist couples in establishing or reestablishing the relationship they had hoped for from the onset.  Each of our therapists will strive to create a fair and balanced approach to the female/male dynamic and work with diligently to establish a safe and comfortable atmosphere for healing and change to take place.     In our sessions we will partner with the couple to establish relationship goals, develop an improved relationship plan, uncover any ongoing resentment obstacles and utilize regular homework assignments to further enhance implementation.  Couples counseling is by nature a solution focused endeavor, so we will be from the onset, looking for ongoing relationship challenges and teaching healthy communication and conflict resolution skills to enable couples to gain the expertise and comfort necessary to bring about deeper understanding and greater potential for essential changes in the relationship.

If you or your spouse find yourselves repeating one or some of the following statements,
perhaps Emery Counseling can assist in altering your relationship: 

“We just can’t talk to each other anymore”
“I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around her”
“We seem to fight more than ever and can’t seem to find any resolution”
“I love him, but I’m not in love with him”
“We are so isolated … I feel all alone in this marriage”
“We seem to have lost our desire to spend time together, so we are living like roommates”
“I don’t trust them anymore”
“If only we could forgive one another”