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According to research from Olson and Olson of Life Innovations, Conflict Resolution is in the top five of categories that distinguish happy married couples from unhappy married couples. At Emery Counseling we observe this very same reality and therefore are determined and well-equipped to help couples learn new techniques in resolving their differences. We believe that marital disagreements, and even fights, are essential to a vibrant and healthy relationship. However, couples need to learn to fight FOR the marriage instead of against it. In fact, we go as far as to say, “Couples who do not fight or disagree will cheat themselves in one of the following ways: 1. They will miss out on the opportunity to challenge and be challenged by their mate. 2. They will run the risk of unresolved conflicts hanging around only to haunt them, much to their dismay.

Our therapists are well trained in assisting couples in the process of de-escalation and guiding them to a greater understanding of each individual’s philosophy of conflict. Our goal is to help each couple achieve a greater understanding of one another and develop a healthy sense of emotional security within their relationship.