We specialize in all your family therapy needs

Our goal is to make your family a fun, safe, and healthy environment which starts with your relationships. We have the flexibility to meet with each individual family member separately, at some point in the counseling process, to best identify the problems and solutions that encompasses each person’s point of view. We put a high priority on connecting with both the parent and the child as we work to bring the whole family closer to together.

Our therapists are experienced at working with resistant family members so there is no need for concern if one or more members of your family are hesitant to begin counseling.  In fact, most people hesitate multiple times before they finally initiate counseling.  Our therapists will work with you and your family at building on your current strengths and at the same time problem solving your family’s pitfalls.  We do not believe there is a perfect family model that works for everyone.  We work at helping every family be the family that they want to be.  Depending on the circumstances and goals of the family, we will work outside the counseling office in order to work on some team building or communication exercises.  We believe family therapy is important and although it can be heavy at times, we also want to make it a productive and enjoyable process where each family member gets to voice their frustrations and their goals.    Our therapists work diligently at creating a fair and balanced environment for parents and children to work out their differences.  You can expect accountability for all those involved.  Another aspect to family counseling is the opportunity to role-play different scenarios that seem to trip people up.  A family is more likely to succeed if they have heard, seen and participated in how a healthy family functions.  We will give ample time to each scenario so each family member feels comfortable with what they will be held accountable to.