When you and your family have decided to bring another child into your home through adoption, there are many issues to consider. While it is a wonderful thing to adopt a child and provide them with the love of a family, it’s important to consider that child’s past and their experiences. Perhaps they’ve been in the foster system for some time, or else have had a traumatic experience with the loss of a biological parent. At Emery Counseling, we want to help your family make the necessary adjustments when you’ve been thinking about or just completed an adoption.

An adopted child may not feel like they belong in your family, especially right at first. It may take the child some time to adjust to a new house, a new room, and new people talking to them and interacting with them. They may act out to test boundaries and see how far they can bend the rules of the house. As parents, you and your spouse will have many challenges that come your way, and if you feel that you’re losing control, we’re here to help. The team at Emery will gladly talk to you individually, as well as in a family setting, to help everyone understand each other’s feelings, especially the feelings of the adopted child.

We know that you want to integrate your adopted child into your family as if they are one of your own biological children. That takes time, and we would love to help you get to that point. If you’re seeking adoption counseling in Fort Collins, please come see us today.