Abuse can be a very intimidating thing to talk about, especially if you’ve been subjected to it or witnessed it for many years. For those that have experienced domestic abuse from a spouse, a relative, or a friend, it’s very important that you work through it with a sympathetic and compassionate counselor. At Emery Counseling, we want to offer you our support and guidance as you confront the source of your abuse and the effects that abuse has had on you.

Abuse can take many forms, including emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and physical abuse. You may be blaming yourself for something you’ve done, or perhaps you’ve thought that there’s nothing you can to do change your circumstances. The truth is, you don’t have to live under the fear of abuse any longer. If the person or persons that abused you are no longer in your life, the pain that they caused can still be very present. We’re here to help you work through that pain, and come out on the other side as a stronger person.

When you come to Emery Counseling, you’ll find a confidential and discreet environment where you can feel comfortable opening up about the abuse in your life. We understand that it is a very sensitive subject to breach, and we’ll move at a pace that works for you. We want you to feel supported every time you’re with us. Call us today and begin your journey towards healing.