Dealing with addiction is a very tough road and at Emery Counseling, we want to help you navigate that road. Personal relationships can be damaged through addiction, but if you want to begin rebuilding those relationships, as well as improve your personal growth, we’re here to help. Admitting you need help is a very positive first step and when you’re ready to overcome your struggle with addiction, we’ll be here.

Our team is expertly qualified to help you find a way out from under the burden of addiction. We want to understand your struggles and provide a place where you can feel free to share, as well as a place where accountability is the most important. Without a supportive and accountable voice, you can very easily find your way back into addiction. We want to provide you with a comfortable and confidential environment, where you can feel at ease and that you are truly being listened to.

When you’re seeking addiction counseling in Fort Collins, please consider visiting Emery Counseling. We want nothing more than to see you free from the burden of addiction, and will help you in any way that we can. Call us today at 970-818-7776 or schedule an appointment online.