Family relationships can be complicated, especially those between parents and children. You want your children to grow up into adults that have direction and purpose, but that growth doesn’t come without struggle. If you’re constantly at odds with your kids, the staff at Emery Counseling wants to help. Our parenting counseling services are designed to help you mend those relationships that might be strained or broken, helping to rebuild those bridges and heal the hurts that can be caused by family members.

We also offer our services for families that are looking to adopt or have recently adopted. Integrating a new child into your family can be hard, and you want the child to feel welcomed and loved, but there may be obstacles to overcome before they truly feel that they’re a part of the family. Older children may especially have a tough time accepting the routines and rules of the house, and we want to work with you on creating the family that you want. We understand that both you and your children may be feeling frustrated and overwhelmed at all the changes that are occurring.

With our family and parenting counseling in Fort Collins, you can work on those relationships that need the most attention, and create a nurturing and positive environment where your children feel loved and accepted, and where you and your spouse can encourage and support both your kids and each other. If your family is struggling to stick together, make an appointment with us today and we’ll begin helping you rebuild those relationships.