If you’ve experienced a traumatic event, such as an accident, or witnessed an event that has left you questioning things and wondering what is next in life, it’s important to seek counseling and treatment. The team at Emery Counseling can help you work through the trauma and understand the events that have impacted your life. With trauma counseling in Fort Collins, we can help you move past the accident or event and learn what it means to your life and why it happened.

Counseling may also be necessary for those that are related to the trauma victim, as they have a close relationship with the affected person, and the changes in that person can have an effect on those around them. Emery can set up a one-on-one meeting with you, as well as establish a group setting where those involved can talk about the changes that have taken place and how everyone can move forward as a family. We understand the sensitivity that surrounds a traumatic event, and we will treat everyone with respect and honor what they have to say.

Everyone, men and women alike, can experience traumatic events. Depression and anxiety can follow a traumatic event, and the onset of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is possible. Our team of counselors in Fort Collins are more than willing to talk with you and your loved ones about the trauma and what you can do to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation.