Having children can be very exciting, but it can also be very challenging. As they grow, children will develop unique traits and personalities that come through in both positive and negative ways. If behavior is an issue in your household, Emery Counseling is here to help. Our youth counseling in Fort Collins can help the entire family work through the issues that surround behavioral issues and other circumstances that arise from one person’s actions or words. If anger or resentment is building because of a child’s actions or a parent’s reactions, please contact us today.

We can meet with your children individually and talk with them about their struggles and external issues, such as school or friends, that may be affecting or influencing their behavior. We can also sit down with parents to discuss what the child’s home life is like. We want to understand the complete set of circumstances and environments that could be contributing to a child’s behavior or lack of respect. We can also discuss how those circumstance and environments could change to best help the child.

We want every child and every family to have healthy relationships where love, trust, and respect are shared. We understand that external influences can have serious effects on both children and parents, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you control those things you can, and understand the things you can’t. Contact us today for youth and teen counseling in Fort Collins, and we’ll look forward to helping your family.