We specialize in all your pre-marriage counseling needs

PREPARATION-PREPARATION-PREPARATION!!  Research indicates that couples that who participate in 6-8 sessions of pre-marriage education will improve their chances of remaining together for life by as much as 70%.  This should serve to motivate more and more couples to consider pre-marriage education with one of our passionate and well-trained therapists, prior to taking the step of marriage.

At Emery Counseling we believe when couples rush into a marriage with haste and misconceptions, they often find themselves hurt and disappointed. This is why we believe each couple moving toward marriage should consider either couples pre-marriage counseling, or a thorough and well-designed pre-marriage education class offered by one of our therapists.

Whether you attend one of our pre-marriage classes or come in for pre-marriage counseling, you will gain the skills, perspective and appropriate expectations for what lies ahead of you.  We will equip you with the knowledge necessary for your commitment to last forever.