Often when I talk about Soul Care with clients, I use the analogy of a parent on an airplane needing to put on their oxygen mask before putting on their child’s.

Soul Care is the same idea.

As husbands, wives, moms and dads we need to be able to serve our families. In order to serve our families, we need have something left in the tank.

Finding a weekly or even a daily activity that feeds your soul can give you the perspective and patience necessary to be the spouse or parent you want to be. All to often, individuals run themselves dry and then wonder why they don’t have a lot to give to their spouse or kids.

I encourage parents, especially moms, to find a way to feed their souls on a regular basis. Whether that is a daily walk, a weekly yoga class, a bath, a hike – anything that fills them up and gives them a chance to recharge.
Being married and being a parent are demanding and draining roles. It is necessary to engage in regular activity that refuels you.

Make sure that you are communicating to your spouse what you need and explain to them why it helps you be better in your role. In addition, encourage your spouse to engage in a soulful activity. Your activities will most likely be different and that is okay.

The goal is for both of you to be able to be filled up so that when you are together as a family you have the energy, perspective and presence necessary to be a healthy family.

Joshua Emery

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