Let’s set a few ground rules for the new year shall we? Stop putting unrealistic expectations on yourself by means of “New Years Resolutions”. Goals are healthy but trying to cram them all in the month of January, and putting too much pressure on yourself is not. Remember this is a New Year, you have all year and beyond to attain these goals; the possibilities….. endless! Here are a few simple things you can accomplish in the near future to start the New Year right, and hopefully slightly diminish the need for you to make an appointment with your local Fort Collins counselor. 😉

  • Start slow – for a healthier you change a couple things about your daily routine like going to bed earlier, wake up earlier, or drink more water. Our bodies need rest and hydration. Pick up a couple healthy habits and in no time it is sure to show!
  • Throw away the Christmas goodies – Remember the white chocolate peanut butter cracker cookies in our last newsletter? Yeah those have got to go. A more healthful alternative if you love the sweet stuff get some dark chocolate chips and some almonds (or nut of your choice) to snack on. Just don’t overindulge.
  • Household to do’s – Ok so we all know that the Christmas decorations have got to come down, and it’s ok if they hang around a couple weeks in January. In order to start cleaning they have to come down because you know there is dust hiding under there, and maybe you have not cleaned as well since the decorations have been up? Take one room at a time, and clean as you go. You don’t have to do it all in one day!
  • Hmmm….clutter  – Well Christmas is over and there are new treasures Santa brought you, that you now have to find homes for; including your recycled gift bags and boxes that have probably already circulated through your family a few times? Take a day to put away your new treasures, and re-organize your gift wrapping paraphernalia. Now breathe a sigh of relief. It’s been bugging you I know! 
  • Now prioritize your own goals and take it one day at time! Some other wonderful news: the days are officially getting longer!