We often hear from individuals as well as many couples that the level of INTIMACY in their marriage has dissipated over time. This is obviously troubling to any committed spouse, especially since an overall desire for closeness and connectedness is one of the main reasons we marry in the first place. So in light of the fact that so many couples are yearning for intimacy, yet missing out on that very deep connection, It might be time to evaluate oneself on the “Prerequisites” to Intimacy.

So, be honest with yourself as you read the following list:
1. A healthy dose of appropriate Self-Love
2. A high degree of Empathy
3. A deep sense of Loyalty
4. A liberal portion of Trust
5. A willingness to postpone personal Gratification and support your mate
6. A willingness and an ability to Forgive (self and your mate)
7. A sold-out level of Commitment
8. A healthy supply of Flexibility
9. A good portion of Adaptability
10. A good supply of Approachability

Now doesn’t that sound simple? We all need to just start somewhere; Looking in the mirror.

Gary Emery

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