It seems people have gotten lonelier than they used to be.
Many studies have shown in an age where we are more connected than ever, we tend to be more lonely.
Often times, when things begin to go poorly in our lives, we start thinking of ways we can self-improve. Maybe we go to the gym, start eating healthier, go to counseling, sleep more, etc.
What if instead of only looking inwardly at the things we need to improve, we started looking outward?
Now, I am not suggesting that we start making a list of improvements needed by our loved ones, (so don’t quote me on that!) What I am suggesting is that what if part of our self-improvement plan was to try to improve the environment around us?
What if we woke up each day with the intention of making someone else’s day a bit better?

I am part of a great organization called the Kindness Initiative. Our intention is to encourage all of us to make a difference in other people’s lives.
Here are some simple suggestions of things we can add to our to-do list as we are working on self-improvement.

1. Put your phone down​. There are so many times in our lives when we have some time to pause and possibly make a connection with a stranger. Whether it is in the waiting room at the doctor, at lunch, or even at the DMV. The other day, I had a lovely hour long conversation with a woman from the east coast at the DMV. When our numbers were finally called, I was actually disappointed we had to end our conversation. It was so much more fulfilling than an hour of scrolling through facebook.

2. Set a goal to make a difference each day​. Some of us try to drink 64 ounces or walk 10,000 steps. What if we were that intentional about uplifting another person each day? It could be a small gesture like opening a door, making eye contact with a stranger and saying hello, a free coffee for the person behind you, or sending an encouraging note in the mail to a friend.

3. Give Grace. ​Let a person cut in front of you in traffic, speak kindly to someone who is being incredibly rude, remind yourself that you don’t know another person’s story and perhaps this could be one of the worst days of their lives.

The truth is, each one of us has a lot of power. Collectively, that power is exponential. My encouragement for all of us, is as we are making changes to feel less anxious and less depressed, caring for others is another excellent way to help get to a healthier way of living.

Of course there are times when we feel incredibly stuck and cannot seem to get out of that hopeless feeling.
We are here to help you get out of that place.
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