Relationships are built on trust and honesty, and if you feel that you can’t trust someone, the relationship with that person usually suffers. In a marriage, a breakdown of trust can have devastating consequences that lead to anger and resentment that people can hold onto for many years. At Emery Counseling, we want to help couples rebuild their relationship and as Fort Collins marriage counselors, we’re always willing to listen to your story and help you work through any challenge.

An affair can seriously damage trust in a marriage, and a husband or wife that has experienced an affair can feel neglected and isolated, and may feel that they are unable to forgive their spouse for cheating. If you’ve said to yourself, “I can’t trust them anymore,” or, “There’s no hope for reconciliation,” it may feel like you’ve resigned the relationship to failure, but we know that you can rebuild. It will take time and a serious effort on everybody’s part to do so, but we are ready to sit down with you in a one-on-one or a group setting to talk through your feelings concerning the issues that are present in your marriage.

If you’re unsure where to turn or how to begin rebuilding your relationship, take the time to speak with us. As Fort Collins marriage counselors, we’ve worked with many people who feel that there is no hope, but have ultimately found a way to forgive and press on in their marriage. Regaining trust takes time, and we’re willing to spend that time with you.