Here at Emery Counseling, it’s no wonder that we’re some of Northern Colorado’s most trusted counselors. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment where you and your partner can grow, communicate, and learn. As a Fort Collins marriage counselor, we’ve committed ourselves to accepting those who come through our doors and to addressing difficult situations while providing accountability to those in need. We understand that oftentimes it’s very hard to admit that you and your spouse need to see a marriage counselor. Every married couple fights right? Today we have some signs that you can look for to know when it’s time to call us.

1. You’re not communicating. A lot of relationship issues stem from not communicating or not communicating properly. We can help you facilitate new ways in which you two can communicate with each other.

2. You may be speaking, but it’s always negative. This communicate can leave one of you feeling judged, ashamed, insecure, or disregarded. Remember that sometimes it’s not what you, but how you say it, too.

3. Are you afraid to talk? If it’s too frightening to bring issues up, it’s time to let us help you and your spouse become clear about your issues.

4. Is affection being withheld as a form of punishment? If one partner in the marriage starts to act as a “parent” or “punisher,” then there is a lack of balance in the relationship.

Don’t feel like your relationship is doomed. While we know it’s often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s there and we can help you and your spouse find it. Call Emery Counseling today to schedule your first appointment!