I recently had the privilege of addressing a group of 40 men at a men’s retreat at which I was asked to speak on the subject of “Brotherhood”.
Gary Emery Shares Why Relationships Are Important for Men
If you are a man, married to a man, or connected to a man in your world, this might be of interest.
One of my favorite things to do is to observe people: (men in particular) In malls, at restaurants, at church, with their families and in my office as a counselor.
The following is a list of observations accumulated over time in a variety of settings:
Men tend to be LONERS:
Men often complain of being OVERWORKED:
Men often state they fell UNDER APPRECIATED:
Men are all too often CONFUSED AS TO THEIR ROLES:
Men are often SHAMNE AND GUILT ridden:
Men are often struggling to balance SENSITIVITY with their MASCULINITY:
Men are frequently still under the INFLUENCE and overly CONNECTED to their parents.
You might be thinking:
So What”, but the reality is that these factors are playing a significant role in every aspect of a man’s world.
For example:
If a man is without close male friends, he will lack effective accountability.
If a man is over worked his normal sense of right and wrong might become compromised.
If a man feels under-appreciated, he might have a tendency to drift toward inappropriate affirmations.
If a man is confused as to his role in marriage, family or in directing his family spiritually, he might tend to slip into passivity.
If a man is wrestling with guilt and shame, he may have a tendency to become highly defensive.
If a man is struggling with balancing his masculinity with his sensitivity, he might emotionally wound a loved one by either neglect or aggressive attitudes and behaviors.
If a man is hampered by being overly connected to his parents, he will find himself trapped between the woman he chose to marry and the parents that raised him.
Rest assured each of these scenarios are potentially damaging to a man, his marriage and to his family, but for the most part this is inadvertent and often unrecognized by the man himself.
I hope all goes well, Blessings to all.
Gary Emery