More Realistic View of Self

“Michael and I wanted to approach our budding relationship in a healthy manner since we had both experienced failed marriages in the past.  I initially began seeing Gary by myself because I so desperately wanted to break old patterns.  He helped me see that I first needed to strengthen my relationship with myself.   I thoroughly enjoyed Gary’s structured approach.  He took me through a series of steps with specific homework assignments that systematically guided me through building my self-esteem.   I now have a more realistic view of self.  The most profound epiphany was when I came to accept God’s love for me on a personal level.  I have long known that God loves us and forgives our sins, and yet I still struggled with whether or not that really applied to me.  Gary helped me to see the Bible as the most elaborate love story ever written.  I see how God is seeking a relationship with me.  It is amazing to me that I now know it is not all about Michael, and yet by coming to that realization we can have a much healthier, deeper, and God centered relationship.  Michael and I are now seeing Gary together to help us continue to build a strong foundation.”