We are So Blessed

“Eric and I are newly married.  Unfortunately, we both have also dealt with the pain of a failed marriage and divorce before we met. We set a great dating foundation and then waited to move in together just before our wedding date.  Shortly after we married, we were overwhelmed by dealing with triggers and haunted by our past.  As we both knew too well the trauma and devastation of divorce, we wanted to have a strong foundation for our marriage.  We both love each other greatly.  It was important to us to take care of the relationship God put into our hands.  Josh has been an amazing help to us and our relationship.  Josh is able to get to the point that we can apply the tools he gives us, he is great at reviewing and checking in with our needs and goals, and is able to relate to us through real life and spiritual faith.  We are so blessed to have Josh help us set a strong foundation and assist Eric and I as we learn and grow together.”  We are so blessed.

Ann & Eric