The school year has started and the assignments are starting to pile up. Perhaps your kids are wondering if they like their teachers or even if they can make it through some of their tough classes. It is important for us to remember the power of words.

The Power of WordsDr. Masaru Emoto did a study on water and the impact of words. Certain words were emitted over water droplets and then photos were taken. The results were astounding. When positive words were spoken, beautiful shapes emerged, when negative words were spoken, misshapen forms erupted. Here is a link to a video for you to see yourself. It is fascinating.

How can we apply this to our children and their lives?

Speak positive encouragement over them. Perhaps your son comes home and tells you that he “sucks at math”. Encourage him to find another way to say it. “Math can be tough for me, but I am working on it.” Even as you read this, pay attention to your body. How does your heart feel when you say the two different phrases?

Notice the good things. Often times parents can get stuck in a rut of noticing the things that need improvement. “I am tired of you leaving your towel on the bathroom floor.” Although those corrections are certainly needed, are you spending more time on corrections than encouragement? There are many kids who take corrections to heart more deeply than you think. They may start to feel as if they cannot seem to do anything right. Be on the hunt for things done well. “I noticed you unloaded the dishwasher earlier. Thanks so much for doing that.” 

Character over Performance. Although grades and achievement are important, it is easy for those to become the only measurement. What are your kids working on to be good people? Encourage them to be intentional about gratitude and doing nice things for others. Challenge them in the morning to try to do at least one nice thing for someone else. The power of serving others is often a much better builder of self-esteem than getting a good grade on a test. Notice their character and tell them. “I saw that you helped your friend pick up his backpack yesterday. I am proud of you for being a caring person.” 

All of these can apply to all of us. What words are we saying to ourselves that are harming us internally? Remember the video from Dr. Emoto. Negative words truly can affect us at the cellular level. It is important to speak kindly to ourselves and to others.

If you find that you are having trouble getting on a more positive path with your children, spouse, or even yourself. We are here to help. We can talk about thought processes and how to recognize patterns that may need to be adjusted.

-Dondi Gesick MA LPCC

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