Does marriage counseling really work? We get this question a lot from first-time patients. Here at Emery Counseling, your local Fort Collins marriage counselors, we believe that marriage counseling can work depending on a number of factors including the depth of your marital problems, your willingness to change, and how well you respond to our techniques. To help better answer the often-posed question “does marriage counseling work?”, the following statistics can provide a lot of insight and guidance.

1. The statistics show a high rate of patient satisfaction. According to research, couples who have attended couples therapy or marriage counseling report a high rate of satisfaction. 97 percent of people surveyed said they got the help they needed and 93 percent said they received new tools that were more effective in dealing with their relationship problems.

2. Marriage counseling takes less time that individual counseling. If your partner refuses to go to therapy, you can try to go to individual counseling yourself but statistics show that marriage counseling or couples therapy takes less time and is more effective.

3. It’s often more affordable to see a marriage counselor rather than a psychiatrist. Oftentimes when couples start therapy, they’re already stressed about other things and adding the stress of an extra therapy bill can see crushing. A licensed marriage counselor often has rates that are 20% – 40% cheaper than a psychiatrist.

4. Marriage counseling can lead to divorce. When most people ask, “Does marriage counseling work?” what they’re really asking is if marriage counseling can save their marriage. Unfortunately this isn’t always the right question. In some cases, marriage counseling “works” by showing two individuals that they are not in a healthy relationship.

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