I heard something very interesting the other day.

Did you know James Michener did not start writing books until he was 40 years old? Laura Ingalls Wilder did not become successful as a writer until she was 60. The actor Samuel L Jackson became successful at 43, and Morgan Freeman at 52.

Did you know that even if you started exercising at 80 years old, you could still benefit from it? Studies prove that no matter what age you start, the benefits of exercise will still apply.

It seems a lot of us have lost the ability to dream. We get sucked into the ins and outs of the daily routine and before we know it, we are surviving the rat race with little to no inspiration. Part of what happens when we lose our inspiration is we get tired. We might even catch ourselves saying, “I am too old for that.” What is there to look forward to? When we begin feeling this way, we begin to feel stuck. Our lack of inspiration can come out as resentment toward our spouse or children, or even as a feeling of hopelessness or depression.

I have some great news! There is still time! If you are breathing (which I believe you are because you are reading this), you still can make some changes to move things in a different direction.

Where do you start?

Talk to God and LISTEN- have you made time in your life to listen to him lately? This one can be tough it you are running too fast and not making time to stop. Set some time daily to pray. Ask God to align the desires of your heart with his. What does he have for you? Ask him to help you see what plans he may have in store.

Talk to your spouse and make a date of it. What did you each dream about when you were kids? What do you dream about now? What do you each see for the other? Are there gifts and talents that you are not utilizing?

Create a dream board. This does not have to be some beautiful pinterest-worthy masterpiece. It could just be a notebook paper with some scribbled words on it. What would you like to accomplish?

Start small. We often think that these huge goals need to be accomplished over night. But the truth is, there is much to enjoy in the process. Each small act you do each day will grow over time into something awesome. You just have to be deliberate about it.

Remember God has a plan for you. He has given you gifts and talents and has a wonderful purpose for your life. However, If this idea of still having time feels impossible, remember that we are here for you. If you are feeling disillusioned, stuck, hopeless and depressed, the counselors at Emery are here to help you. We want to assist you in finding your best God-planned life.

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