Everyone can use some hope in the form of a blessing. Even if things are going well in life blessings speak straight to the heart, but especially when we are faced with hard times. Maybe you know of someone who could use some encouragement, an extra dose of love, or a reminder right now. Is it your child? Your teenager? Your spouse? Your neighbor? Your sister-in-law?how to bless your friends

Here are 4 ways you can pour into someone in a meaningful way (and if you are the one who needs the blessing, you’re in luck: blessing others who are also in need is a beautiful antidote to depression and anxiety because it is a blessing in return!):

1). Pray for this person. Do so on your own as well as ask this person specifically if there is something you can be praying for. Commit to praying for this person for at a least a week and check in with them about how they are doing. This is two-fold; first, you’re praying, which is the greatest thing we can do for anyone. Second, you’re communicating to this person that they are important to you and by checking in on them you are bringing them comfort and fostering connection. A blessing.

2). Come up with a list of words that come to mind when you think of this person and share it with them. For example, is he/she courageous? Inspiring? Genuine? Wise? Trusting? Go beyond general descriptions and even provide an explanation for each word you chose. This list will make this person feel seen and known; both are important when someone is struggling and presents an opportunity for genuine human connection. A blessing.

3). Offer up some time to dedicate to this person. Coffee? A walk? A phone call? Sometimes just offering someone some undivided attention and a listening ear is enough, and can decrease a potential for them to feel isolated. Keep in mind that not everyone is looking for advice when they are hurting, even though they say they do not know what to do. Sometimes the best gift is giving them the space to talk it through and come up with their own resolutions. Love them through the process, don’t try and save them. A blessing.

4). Speak truth into this person’s life. Who are they? What do you know about this person and why is it important that he/she remembers this? What does this person do that brings light into this world? What makes this person significant and special? Why is this person needed and necessary? Truth reaches beyond our minds and plants directly in our souls. When we are suffering, our souls are crying out and hearing truth can stir hope on a much deeper level than anything else. A blessing.

Even if someone isn’t suffering, doing any one of these things will nurture your relationship with them (ages 2-102) and foster a deeper relationship. Furthermore, being on the lookout for how you can bless others radically impacts the way you show up in your relationships and interactions with others. It softens your heart, opens your eyes and can restore your soul. Now ask yourself who you want to bless first!

-Sara Hunter

Marriage Family Therapy Fort Collins Colorado