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We are group of experienced and caring counselors, passionate about helping others. It is our top priority to provide the absolute best counsel for every person that walks through our door. We have a diverse staff that can handle a broad range of issues, from infidelity to eating disorders. We strive to help our clients step into healthier lives and thriving relationships. We are here to encourage and support you each step of the way.

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Our goal in individual counseling is to help our clients identify areas of concern, reconcile any unresolved conflict, and develop sustainable skills to help facilitate personal growth. We strive to understand our clients as we look to challenge them and to hold them accountable.

Our therapists take great care and pride in offering our couples the very best of relationship counseling. We recognize relationships are complicated, but we are determined to assist couples in establishing or reestablishing the relationship they had hoped for from the onset.

Our goal is to make your family a fun, safe, and healthy environment which starts with your relationships. We have the flexibility to meet with each individual family member separately, at some point in the counseling process, to best identify the problems and solutions.

We help teens unpack their anger/hurt by assisting them in identifying the true source of their pain while we evaluate the effectiveness of their current coping skills. We put a lot of emphasis on establishing a comfortable and trusting relationship.

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At Emery Counseling we strive to provide a safe and comfortable
environment to talk about uncomfortable things.

That are here to help you and your family achieve the happiness you deserve and have always wanted.

We have helped work through their issues to realize the attributes, commitments and value of their partner.

Enjoy closer connections, friendly ties and a bond that will last for the rest of their lives because of our services.

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