Areas of Expertise

Anxiety Disorders
Adoption Issues
Academic Struggles
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Oppositional Defiance
Struggles with Authority
Drugs and Alcohol

Peer Pressure
Play Therapy
Social Anxieties/Challenges
Eating Disorders

Child & Teen Therapy

By assisting children and teens to unpack their anger or hurt, we are able to identify the true source or sources of their pain and assist them in building a toolbox of coping skills.

When appropriate, we will work with the parents as well to make sure things at home are as good as they can be.

Our ultimate goal is for each child we meet with to have a healthy sense of self and for them to have a reliable list of coping skills for when life deals them a disappointment.

Meet with a counselor for free to see if they are the right fit for your family

We welcome you to have a free 30 minute consultation with any of our counselors. This initial session will act as a meet and greet to ensure that you and the counselor are the right fit for your family

What Our Clients Say

Emery Counseling is fantastic! Josh has truly been a lifesaver to myself and my spouse. This was our second attempt at counseling and I will say that without a doubt, it has been worth all the time and money invested. […] It is more than just counseling sessions, but rather an environment of understanding, guidance, kindness, and even…accountability.


Gary is remarkably good at what he does. I’ve been seeing Gary for good mental health now for over 20 years, most of the time with my lovely bride of 23 years. He’s helped us walk through all kinds of issues and troubles in our lives… and some good times too. What an invaluable asset he’s been.


I’ve been working with Bree for a number of years now and she has been such a blessing in my life. I was really hesitant towards counseling until I met her and that perspective completely shifted in me. She’s really wonderful in a lot of ways that I couldn’t fit into a review. I’d DEFINITELY recommend not just Bree but anyone at Emery Counseling!