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Emery Counseling is nestled in Old Town Fort Collins. We provide comprehensive mental health services to individuals, couples, children, and families.

Couples & Marriage



Take the First Step.

Are you struggling in your parenting?

Josh Emery and Dan Nikkel have created a resource for you to become a Pretty Good Parent.

They aim to give parents the most practical and relatable advice to empower and inspire them to be better parents via their new podcast, The Pretty Good Parent.

Pretty Good Parents make pretty good kids, pretty good communities and a hopefully a better world for all of us.


A Group of Experienced & Caring Northern Colorado Counselors

Serving the community in Northern Colorado since 1997, Emery Counseling has earned the trust and respect of numerous clients and provides a safe and comfortable environment to talk about uncomfortable things.

Comprehensive Support for Every Season of Life

Our Experienced Counselors Handle a Broad Range of Topics, Including:





Eating Disorders


What Our Clients Say

Emery Counseling is fantastic! Josh has truly been a lifesaver to myself and my spouse. This was our second attempt at counseling and I will say that without a doubt, it has been worth all the time and money invested. […] It is more than just counseling sessions, but rather an environment of understanding, guidance, kindness, and even…accountability.


Gary is remarkably good at what he does. I’ve been seeing Gary for good mental health now for over 20 years, most of the time with my lovely bride of 23 years. He’s helped us walk through all kinds of issues and troubles in our lives… and some good times too. What an invaluable asset he’s been.


I’ve been working with Bree for a number of years now and she has been such a blessing in my life. I was really hesitant towards counseling until I met her and that perspective completely shifted in me. She’s really wonderful in a lot of ways that I couldn’t fit into a review. I’d DEFINITELY recommend not just Bree but anyone at Emery Counseling!