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Andrea Fotsch, MSW, LSW (Licensed Social Worker)


Education: Colorado State University, M.A. – Social Work 2008, Colorado State University B.A. – Social Work, 2007.

Summary of Experience: Andrea has twelve years working with families in crisis struggling with grief and loss, family conflict, addiction, trauma, and mental health.  Andrea works in a hospital setting helping people with suicidal thoughts, self-harm, mental health and/or addiction. She facilitates DBT groups for teens and adults admitted for inpatient treatment.  Andrea also leads trainings in the community around the impact of trauma with a focus on building resilience.

Areas of Focus:

Children: I love kids! I connect with them through a variety of techniques such as play, drawing, games, movement or crafts and teach children and their parent’s techniques for managing big emotions.

Adolescents: Adolescence is a challenging time of life.  I connect with teens on similar interests like drawing, art, crafts, music or exercise to create a safe space for teens to talk about life. I focus on building resilience through coping skills, self-esteem and healthy relationships.

Women:   Women can have a lot of expectations placed on them by society, others and especially themselves.  I work with women on issues such as shame, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, grief and loss, trauma, and toxic relationships.   I meet the woman where they are at, then join with them in creating opportunities for change.

Helping Professionals: I have a big heart for those in the helping profession. I provide training, resources and programming for organizations to address compassion fatigue. At an individual level, we process the trauma, identify symptoms of compassion fatigue, then develop resiliency to prevent burnout.

Summary of Approach: I believe in treating the whole person including the body, mind, and spirit through emotional regulation techniques and building healthy relationships. Often times our minds get stuck worrying about the future or the past, “mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” –Jon Kabat-Zinn. I also specialize in understanding the impacts of trauma and building resilience.  “When we deny our story, it defines us.  When we own our story, we can write a brave new ending.” – Brene Brown.

Personal: I live in the mountains with my husband, two boys, and many animals! Living far from town has grown my sense of adventure and love for life.  I love camping, hiking, fishing and being in nature.  I use yoga, piano and pottery to build my own resilience!