How do we love each other better? Whether it be a spouse, a friend, or a stranger; I have thought into this question many times and believe a huge part of this is availability is the quality of being able to be used or obtained. Below are some simple tips to improve our ability to be more available.

1.    Turn off when you are off
Keep technology away from you if you are not needing it. Figuratively and literally, if the phone is in the kitchen, you are not in the kitchen.
2.    Feel good about yourself
Dress as though it is a day to remember and practice positive self talk. When we are not worried about ourselves it can be easier to focus on the moment we are currently in.
3. Self Care
I feel I can never recommended this enough. Listen to what you need each day, whether that be sleep, exercise, or quiet time; actively pour into yourself each day for 30 minutes to an hour. If you are caring for yourself you are so much more equipped to be available to others.
4. Focus on positive
Every time you walk into a new room or walk up to a person think or say a complement about the situation or person. The more we focus on positive the more we will enjoy the situation we are in leading us to more authentic availability.
5. Ask questions
We may need to ask questions to a better be apart of a conversation or to show someone we are truly interested in them and their life; either way it is a tool that can help us stay in that moment.

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