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Joshua J. Emery, MA, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)

Education: Denver Seminary: M.A. – Counseling, University of Colorado: B.S. – Finance

Summary of Experience: Josh has over 12 years working with youth, families, adults & couples. Half of this time was spent as a therapist in an inpatient residential facility, which has given him a unique opportunity to see families at the ground level in their most vulnerable states. Josh has worked with teenagers, couples, families and young men/women for a myriad of reasons, but a summary includes: drugs/alcohol abuse, marital strife, academic struggles, blended family issues, adoption issues, infidelity, depression, sexual abuse and self-harming.

Areas of focus: 

  • Adolescents: I help teens unpack their anger/hurt by assisting them in identifying the true source of their pain while we evaluate the effectiveness of their current coping skills.  I put a lot of emphasis on establishing a comfortable and trusting relationship so that the teen feels safe to share, but I do not hesitate to offer opinions and accountability when appropriate. On the occasion, I will meet with teens outside the office (walk, play frisbee, throw the football, play guitar) to ease the tension that some teenage boys can feel as they talk about themselves.
  • Parents:  I help parents better understand their role in their child’s life and equip them with the necessary communication skills to connect with their child once again.  Whether a parent wants to improve their relationship or re-build it, I assist the parents in learning how to “reach” their children and increase their sphere of influence within their family. My experience with adolescents has given me a great platform with parents in helping them be the best parent they can be.
  • Couples: I help couples by increasing the positive and decreasing the negative themes that continue to repeat themselves.  I make sure that both partners feel listened to and understood by the other.  I do not hesitate to interject with teaching, when appropriate.  I believe that every healthy   relationship has 5 foundational components and my goal is ensure that every couple I see has those and knows how to maintain them.
  • Family:  My goal is to make the family a healthy, safe, and fun environment and that starts with relationships.  I usually meet with everyone separately, at some point, to best diagnose the “problem” and “solution.” Because of my age and experience I can connect effectively with both parent and child in a way that brings the whole family closer together.
  • Men/Women:  My goal in individual therapy is to help the client identify the area of concern, reconcile any unresolved conflict, and develop sustainable skills that help them avoid the same trap in the future. I strive to understand my clients as I look to challenge them and hold them accountable.

Summary of Approach: I believe in a holistic approach to helping, which includes (but is not limited to) relationships, spirituality, exercise, diet, sleep and recreation.  I believe in looking at people as part of a system where everything is connected.  I believe the soul is an important part of every person and needs to be taken care of.   I believe it is important to slow life down so that one can really listen  (whether that is listening to our soul, God or our conscience).  Making time for reflection and introspection is a good practice, but too much can lead to self-absorption and selfishness.
I believe most people can change if they want to change. I believe humility and forgiveness are central to healthy relationships and can cover a multitude of mistakes. I believe a healthy marriage is central to a healthy family, and healthy families influence generations to follow.

Personal:  I love spending time with my family in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. In my free time I enjoy biking, fly-fishing, golfing, snowboarding and playing my guitar.  I put a high priority on taking care of myself so I can in turn help others. I love being a husband and a father of two even though there are ups and downs.