Small things that make a big difference with self-esteem.

Sit Up Straight–

By sitting up straight your body takes up more space and gives you a feeling of: I’m worthy of this space (because you are). Sitting up straight also displays confidences and by adapting that posture with time you will adapt that feeling.


Whether it means taking a short walk, lifting a few weights, or training for a marathon exercise helps release endorphins that make us happy. Also by taking the time to do something for yourself it shows with action that you value yourself.

Challenge Negative Thoughts-

Negative thoughts are everywhere around us, as well as in our own head. By challenging them we realize how insignificant and false they can be. It also allows space for positivity to fit in.

Minimize How Often You Compare-

People are often comparing their rough draft to others’ final draft. What I mean by that is we know the unedited and raw parts about ourselves; however, we only know what has been edited and allowed outside of others. It seems pretty unfair to compare something that’s been edited with something that has not.

Graciously Accept Compliments-

Part of these is being around positive people who choose to see the best in you. Allow people to love you and when they compliment you believe them!

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Whitney Pollard

Marriage Family Therapy Fort Collins Colorado