Alaina Quaranta


Session Rate $120 for Individuals and $160 for Couples

Areas of Focus




Self-Esteem Issues


Therapist Education: 

Alaina is an LPCC in Fort Collins Colorado at Emery Counseling and has received her Clinical Mental Health Counseling education from Bellevue University.

Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hamline University.

Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Bellevue University.

Counseling Speciality:

Alaina uses CBT therapy in Fort Collins Colorado. Working with individuals with depression, anxiety and sexual issues.

I have experience studying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt therapy, and Narrative Therapy. Working with individuals working through depression, anxiety, other mood disorders, and am well studied in the area of human sexuality. 

Theraputic Approach:

Taking a holistic therapy approach to bring the whole person into each therapy session.

Using a holistic approach as I believe that everyone is made up of many different stories and experiences that shape them. Striving to create a space where those I work with feel they have gained tools that they can use every day. Empowering others and finding a path together is a great way to see growth and create trust that helps this process to flourish. I look forward to collaborating along side clients I work with to find a style of therapy that best suits them and their individual experience. 

Alaina works with:


College students





Sexual disorders/trauma

Couples Counseling in Northern Colorado

Alaina Emery Intern

Alaina uses her free time to practice self-care to keep herself balanced in her personal and work life.

In my free time I love to run, play basketball, and take my dog out for walks. I have ran 7 half-marathons thus far and am training to run a full marathon one day. I love exploring in the mountains and often bring my dog with me as well. Anything nature, sport, or animal related is my go-to!

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First time clients are welcomed in for a free 30 minute consultation with any of our counselors. This initial session will act as a meet and greet to ensure that you and the counselor are the right fit.