Andrew Heinz


Session Rate $140 for 50 minutes

Areas of Focus


Alcohol, Drug and Food Addiction


Men's Pornography Addiction Sexuality Men's issues

Men's Pornography Addiction


Counseling Experience

Andrew counsels individuals and married families in Northern Colorado.

Areas of focus:

Untreated grief and trauma, men’s alcohol and pornography addiction, generalized anxiety and depression, self-esteem and identity struggles

Clinical Experience:

I have worked as a psychotherapist in Colorado for nearly 20 years. I joined Emery Counseling in 2017, after 10 years serving in community mental health. While in community mental health, I served people of all ages and walks of life. This experience helped me discover my heart for serving those who are suffering from addictions and untreated grief and trauma.


I completed my MSW in Clinical Social Work from Colorado State University advanced standing program in 2007.


I have been licensed in Clinical Social Work (L.C.S.W.) since 2010.

If you find yourself hurting or stuck in destructive cycles, then finding relief and good, safe care can be a daunting experience. I believe that much like physical injuries, untreated emotional wounds can get in the way of living to our fullest.

Many times, the pain can become unbearable and confusing, and we may act or treat others, or ourselves, counter to what we know to be true. We can get stuck in confusing cycles or even feel hopeless.

Reaching out for support and guidance is scary yet essential to discovering freedom from our injuries.

I believe we can all heal and thrive, despite the depth or severity of the wounds, and would be honored to partner with you in your journey to heal.

I am holistic and eclectic in my approach.

Each individual has a unique story that requires an individualized care plan. I believe the entirety of the individual: body, mind, and soul must be taken into consideration when developing a plan. I see my role as a therapist to be more of a guide on your journey to developing new cycles of health.

These consist of increasing awareness, resistance to old ways, and developing new actions of care. Intentional engagement into our wounds and pain can lead to increased ability to connect with self and others.

Healing is hard and sometimes painful work. It requires support and commitment to creating new, familiar ways to care for oneself.

I rely heavily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, somatic work, and trauma informed care.

Andrew Heinz has a well balanced work and personal life, helping him stay healthy while counseling his clients.

I am from Minnesota and feel blessed to live so near the incredible Rocky Mountains. I love spending time with my family in the outdoors and going up to the Mountains whenever we can. I also enjoy camping, traveling, weight lifting and leading a men’s group through our Church.

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