Bree N. Emery

MSW, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)


Colorado State University: B.S. – Psychology
Colorado State University: M.S.W. – Social Work


I have worked for the last decade with youth and families originating from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, religions, and paradigms. In working with children, youth, young adults and families in homeless shelters, residential treatment programs, schools, and private practice I have learned the importance of a clinician’s flexibility. (CSU drug and alcohol programs, CSU outreach programs, Urban Peak youth shelter, Head Start, Doulos Ministries residential programs, Family Directions/Manual high school, Vail Youth Services.)


I have strived to find a framework to empower women and girls to form strong female identities and discover their strengths, skills and capacities. I believe in a holistic approach to counseling. Consequently, mental, emotional and relational needs are addressed along with physical and spiritual needs.

Special Focus:

Body image, eating disorders, trauma, molestaion, sexual assult, accidents, abuse, self-mutaliation, depression & anxiety.


Areas of Focus


Body Image

Identity Issues

Mood Disorders



Body Image and Eating disorders Trauma (molestaion, sexual assult, accidents, abuse, self-mutaliation) Grief and Loss Identity issues, Life Transitions Mood disorders (depression & anxiety)

I love being outside and connecting with nature. I love being physically active for the mental health benefits, for the balance to my active mind and for fun! I enjoy trail running, hiking, climbing, yoga and snowboarding with friends and family, as well as solo, giving me time to center myself. I love listening to music, and I make it a priority to see live music regularly. I value connecting with others from our true selves and, although this can be challenging at times, I prioritize this type of connection within my relationships.

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