Since last summer I have gained another furry friend and am excited about our summer adventures. I adopted a puppy with Colorado Rescue Tails named Roxy. Through personal discovery, client stories, and some reading I have learned how therapeutic our pets can be.

Pets can help with motivation for exercise, socializing, loneliness, and many other things. Many studies have shown a correlation with owning pets to better physical health including decreased risk of heart conditions and cancer. The most fascinating benefits I have learned about is their ability to increase our empathy. The connection with a canine friend has shown to help with emotional social development which can greatly influence our self-esteem and ability to connect and adapt with our peers; all well teaching us the meaning of caring for another living life. Of course, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with pets and you want to make sure your life is in a place where that is something you are ready to take on or it could have negative effects for the owner and pet.
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Getting outdoors with your furry friends have major benefits. I few of my favorite summer hikes with my dogs are Authors Rocks at Lory State Park, and Devils Backbone in Loveland.

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