Chelsea O’Connor (She/Her/Hers)

Therapist Intern

Rate $100 for Individual Sessions
$120 for Couples and Family Sessions


Areas of Focus

Women’s Issues



Women and Girls Therapy Fort Collins


Self Growth

Summary of Experience

I have always been curious about the complex and often painful human experience.

My healing journey has been anything but conventional. I was a collegiate athlete which always was an outlet for the present moment. And as a former Catholic, I learned how to believe in something bigger than myself as a way to understand this present pain is temporary. I chose Naropa University as a place that I knew would shake out the best in me in more contemplative ways and also be able to show up for my clients in more creative ways. Before attaining my Master’s degree I have done much work in community building, building & owning businesses as well as interior design.  

Counseling Philosophy

We are two humans connecting!

I have a more laid back approach using humor when necessary.You are not a specimen to be examined, nor will I be a blank screen therapist. I am a holistic clinician, understanding that there are so many parts of you that need to be witnessed and accepted. I want to understand the whole pie that is your life. I have a mindful approach to therapy, working with the here and now, getting curious about the interconnectedness that is our life. The Transpersonal part of my degree means I am really wanting to understand what goes beyond yourself, what motivates, pulls you, into a new you, whether that be spiritual aspects, organized religion, nature, pets, hobbies, relationships, psychedelics etc.

All are welcome.

What pulls you into the present moment and how can we integrate present moment awareness into our lives?

I am here to hold unconditional positive regard in my presence, truly meet you where you are at in whatever conventional or unconventional ways of healing you need. Healing is a lifelong journey, we transform ourselves and regrow over and over again. I am honored to do this work.


B.A. in Sociology, Colorado State University

Master’s (in progress) in Clinical Counseling Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Naropa University 

Intern Session Rate $100 for 50 minutes

$120 for Family Therapy or Couples Counseling

Chelsea works with:


Women’s Issues







Religious Trauma 

Mindfulness Therapy Old Town Colorado

Chelsea brings balance to her life by centering with self-care and guarding a work-life balance for herself and her clients

I’m from corn fields and dairy farms of Northeastern Colorado and my favorite city besides Fort Collins is Boston. Outside of this work that I am so grateful to do, you can find me hot gluing whimsical trinkets to glamify my two daughters crafts or fly-fishing with my partner. I absolutely adore Fort Collins and this beautiful community of hard working, kind people.

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