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As a therapist, you start to notice patterns that come up in your clients. One that I see come up often with my clients is how different they feel to the rest of the world. That their imperfections are the things that keep them from being included. I would like to challenge this thought process, as I find the next thoughts that occur are statements like I should be… what if I…. and why can’t I just... These thoughts are the thieves of our joy.

Why, you ask? Because these thoughts are all negative attacks against ourselves. These thoughts imply that you are either not doing enough or that you are not worthy. Differences do not mean bad or unworthy. Differences are what make our world work. I love to give this example to all of my clients. Imagine if every person on this earth had the personality of Beyonce. Now I am not saying she isn’t a lovely person. I give the example of Beyonce because she is a popular figure and she lives a grandiose lifestyle. If everyone on this earth had the personality and life of Beyonce how much difference would there be in the world? The answer obviously is none. This analogy can be put to any person. Differences are what make our world interesting. Difference created good food, conversation, challenges, and so many other things. Your difference is beauty.

your differences make you you counselingYour difference is interesting. Most of all your difference is GOOD!

There is a statement I heard years ago that has stuck with me for the rest of my life. That statement is God’s beauty is in the imperfections he created. If you don’t believe in God then the universes beauty is in the imperfections that were created. So I encourage you to start to challenge that negative voice that occurs telling you, “I am different and different equals bad.”

Rather I want you to tell yourself my difference is what adds interest to this world.