Employee Wellness Program

Are you an employee looking to utilize your Employee Wellness Program benefits?

  • Contact your company and let them know you would like to use your benefits
  • Your company will contact Emery Counseling with your information and referral information
  • Emery Counseling will email you a log in to our client portal, Simple Practice
  • From there you are able to schedule your six sessions with the therapist of your choice.


**Our therapists see clients at varying rates. Please be aware if you have a co-pay for the session. You will be charged at the end of the business day of your session for your co-pay if applicable.


More questions? No Problem! Call our office and we will be happy to assist you. (970) 490-1309

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 Are you a business?

Would you like to be a part of Emery Counseling’s Employee Wellness Program?

Contact our office to get started! (970) 490-1309

At Emery Counseling we offer packages for companies looking to support their employees.

We offer two packages, each with two tiers

Package One – Individual and Family sessions for employees

First Tier:

Pre-approved amount of sessions per year

Company pays full therapist rate for these sessions

Second Tier:

Pre-approved amount of sessions per year

Company pays $80, then the client pays a copay to satisfy full therapist rate

Package Two – On Site Employee Seminars

First Tier:

This seminar lasts a few hours, covering relevant topics to your business.
Talks presented by Joshua Emery who has been working with individuals to tackle challenges for over 20 years.

Second Tier:

Quarterly seminars given on topics that help to grow the health of your company.

By choosing to have ongoing growth programs you are able to cultivate a healthy working enviornment.


Topics that can be covered during seminars:

How to manage good boundaries

Anxiety in workplace

How to have a work-life balance

Three part series about how to handle conflict in the workplace

Skill development and tools to handle anxiety

Why conflict is good for business? Because conflict creates progress. Healthy discourse is good for healthy teams and good ideas

Benefits of compromise and tolerance. There is a lot of space in between having to win and giving up